Quilting Details

Quilting Designs


There are several options available when deciding how to quilt the top. There is the basic meandering or overall patterns, interpretive meandering (based on quit pattern and fabrics used) and custom quilting.


Then there are considerations such as 'is this a dorm quilt, a keepsake quilt, or perhaps an award winning show quilt?' No matter what style of quilt you have created I am sure that we can come up with just the right combination of creativity, threads, and batting which will bring your quilt top to a completed art form for cuddling up with, hanging on a wall, or showing in a competition.


Overall Pattern Quilting

Same design repeated over the quilt side to side, top to bottom.


Overall Meandering

Size and shapes vary depending on desired look. Very small traditional meander will result in antique look after washed and dried. Interpretive meander design with variegated thread lends itself to a more modern look. The possibilities are endless!

Price varies based on size and style.


Custom Quilting

Quilting done strictly according to design of blocks and over all quilt. Includes elements such as individual block designs, open block medallions, outlining, ditch stitching, cross hatching, echoing, meandering, McTavishing, borders and sashings quilted separately.

Cost: is figured according to quilt size and time



Double stuffing a quilt design to add dimension and interest to blocks/quilt top.


Basting for Hand Quilting

Battings & Backings


Hobbs battings available for purchase:


Hobbs 80/20

Hobbs Wool

Hobbs 100% Heirloom batting

Hobbs Polyester


I have several wide backings in stock and will email photos and
pricing upon request.

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